Five Mistakes I Regret I’ve Done in College

There are times when memories of college life come to my mind, and while I keep on focusing on the best moments I had in college, it is hard to shun the regrettable things that I did. These things continue to follow me to this date, and some are quite heartbreaking. Some of these mistakes […]

Five Best Free Language Learning Sites

Learning a new language requires you to have a set of resources that you will refer from in the course of your learning. While other mechanisms exist for learning a new language like paying for classes and other commercial programs, some websites can allow you to learn new languages at no cost. Whether it is […]

Business and Fishing the 3 P’s: Patience, Presentation, Preparation

Lessons I learn on the river apply to many facets of my life. Today, I compare business writing to my favorite pastime. Patience In order to be a good fishermen you must have patience. I have experienced numerous days where I will wait hours for that one bite. It’s tempting to leave a spot and […]