Ideal Writer Schedule

Summer is fading quickly and the routines of school and work are more normal. With that in mind, I began to reflect on what my essay writing day would look like. As a freelance writer I’m not certain there is a “normal” day, but having a schedule to strive for is important. Scheduling makes me […]

The Bradford House (part two)

It’s Friday! Yeah, it’s Friday. That means it is time for another feast. This is a continuation of a short story I posted last week.  The fall weather has kicked into high gear in the Pacific Northwest. It has been cool and damp and I feel like getting pumpkins this weekend. I hope your fall […]

It’s October

Friday the 13th Official Trailer (click if you dare) Happy October! Fall is very appealing to me. The coolness in the air and the leaves coming to the ground put me in a good mood. I also love Halloween. I like decorating the house and seeing all the kids in their costumes. I also like scaring […]

The Bradford House (part one)

Where the hell did that week go? I planned on posting something mid-week but that didn’t happen. Well, it’s time for another edition of Finnegan’s Five Hundred Word Feast. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and it is just around the corner, so here’s an introduction to a scary story. It is a tease, […]