CITE Chronicles: Book One

Control Information Through Eminence

Director William David is bent on seeing his program come to fruition and will reign his agents in even if he must give the order to kill every last subject. The covert rogue agency CITE are testing mind control drugs on offspring of United States government officials, in hopes to be able to acquiesce powerful information to influence political outcomes throughout the nation. The operation is titled “Tell All”. The subjects are chosen by their propensity for drug use. Three agents, Randy Alton, Veronica Hagen and Tony Nelson have been dispatched to test these drugs. Each agent is instructed to find ways to infiltrate their subject’s inner circle and track the results. One slight problem, CITE under prepared their agents for the personal relationships that each will develop with their subjects. Each agent discovers the “real” person behind the test and causes them to reevaluate their allegiance to the agency. 

Book One

 ”Join the Party”

Chris and Bo are college roommates living in a nice apartment paid for by Chris’ father, the prominent senator Henry Stamey (R-Georgia). Chris is into the local drug scene and Bo goes along for the ride. Chris hooks up with a dealer named Randy (undercover CITE agent) and he turns Chris onto this “new” drug. CITE wants Chris to leak information about his father’s doings with the hope they can use it to blackmail the senator. Chris loves the drug and how it makes him feel, but he is starting to have lapses of memory, relationship problems, and this overwhelming feeling that the world is closing in. Jennifer, Chris’ girlfriend cares for Chris immensely and is worried that Chris is getting out of control. Chris becomes aware that Randy is around more than just a normal drug dealer and is suspicious of him. The drug is highly addictive and Chris disregards his suspicions, because getting high is more important. Soon, Chris’ behavior is out of control and his memory is in shambles. Chris believes he is going crazy. Randy starts to feel guilty and realizes Chris is more than just a spoiled senator’s son. He decides to break Chris out of the test, but the director is set on seeing the trial to completion. Can Randy save Chris? Will Jennifer and Bo intervene? Will any of them survive Director David’s fury?

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