Snatcher Characters – Who They Are

If you’re an 80’s child like me, then you most likely remember the awesome games that marked so many people’s childhood. Although computers weren’t something as common as they are nowadays, some people were able to play several games that would brighten their day.

One of these games is Snatcher – a graphic adventure game produced by Konami and written by Hideo Kojima. The game has science fiction and cyberpunk influence, as it takes place in a futuristic dystopian city.

The characters of the game are the ones who make the action interesting – and they compel you to find out more about the plot. So, who are these characters? Let’s find out.

  1. Gillian Seed

Gillian Seed is the protagonist of the Snatcher game, and I remember how his design just seemed so amazing to me back in the day.

Gillian is a man who was transferred to JUNKER HQ after extensive military training. He’s has been into a cryogenic sleep for thirty years, and he had just awakened before being transferred to JUNKER. However, he doesn’t remember anything about his previous life, nor about his wife – even though he wears a marriage ring. He hopes that JUNKER could be something that will help him regain his memory.

Now, when I was young, this idea of lost memory and trying to get it back – while only having a few pieces of the puzzle – seemed interesting to me. Also, his badass attitude and comedic moments were what made me so invested into this character. I could also relate to him a lot, considering he ordered four bowls or ramen. I eat a lot too, and who would refuse some delicious ramen?

Gillian was definitely my favorite character from the whole game.

  1. Jamie Seed

As obvious from her last name, Jamie is Gillian’s wife. She has, just like him, awakened from a cryogenic sleep – and also has the same type of amnesia. She doesn’t remember anything about her previous life or about Gillian.

Considering she has no linked memory to Gillian, she is separated from him for the time being. However, she was still supportive of Gillian, and he would be able to contact her anytime he needed.

Whenever it came to Jamie, I knew why Gillian married her. She was an amazing female character, and my favorite thing was her kindness. Even though she had nothing to base their relationship on, she was still supporting him. It takes some mental power to do that, in my opinion. I really liked her and felt bad about the fact that she and Gillian had to separate. They would’ve had a happy marriage.

  1. Metal Gear Mk.II

Usually, any main character has this friend who is always there to support them and keep them from doing anything stupid. This is the vibe you’d get from Metal Gear. Metal Gear was a personal navigator robot that was built by Harry Benson, the JUNKER engineer. This robot becomes Gillian’s partner and helps him with crucial information – as well as assistance whenever possible.

I really liked Metal, because he was like Gillian’s guardian angel: always offering him advice and preventing him from doing anything stupid. The friendship between him and Gillian is something I really loved and kept me invested.

  1. Elijah Modnar

Elijah was the third survivor of a cryogenic pod. He is the type of mad scientist character that just fascinates you. He replaced the world leaders with Snatchers that he could control remotely from the shadows.

Although he was addicted to research back in the day and had a thing for Jamie, his ambition to dominate the world overcame his love for her. Moreover, he was being kept alive by machinery, and his own creations worshipped him.

I know – we shouldn’t like the bad guys. Still, despite wanting Gillian to come out as the winner, I couldn’t help but enjoy Elijah. The idea of the world being controlled by a man from the shadows was terrifying, yet fascinating. In my opinion, he was very well-written.

  1. Snatchers

What could they be, considering they made it as the game’s name? Well, they were Elijah’s creations and half robot/organic beings. They were created in order to take someone’s life, just as their name suggests.

The idea behind them was really interesting, in my opinion. However, I couldn’t help but be disturbed by these inventions. It would be really hard to find their memory banks considering they would attack you. At the same time, if you shot them, their minds became blank. Doesn’t sound quite fun, does it?

To sum up, Snatcher had an amazing story and great characters to build it. Even though I was a child when I first discovered the game and I couldn’t understand everything, I still loved it. It’s hard to really choose a favorite character, considering how well-designed they all are.

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