It’s October

Friday the 13th Official Trailer (click if you dare)

Happy October!

Fall is very appealing to me. The coolness in the air and the leaves coming to the ground put me in a good mood. I also love Halloween. I like decorating the house and seeing all the kids in their costumes. I also like scaring people. The odd thing is I don’t like being scared. I’m the type that closes my eyes or buries my head and asks, “Is it over yet?” That fact is the reason I put a link to Friday the 13th trailer. This movie scared the crap out of me as a kid. Jason and his supernatural strength had me looking over my shoulder for months. And this trailer brought all those memories right to the head. What are some of your favorite scary movies? Do you watch with one eye or are you in the front row? Do you like fall or are you bumming summer is over? Leave me a comment below.

The spirit of Halloween is running through me, so that inspired the short story, “The Bradford House”. Two teens take a bet to stay the night in a creepy old mansion, and some weird shit goes down. It may be a little cliche’ but it’s fun to write. It will be updated Friday, so check back and read what happens.

I hope your October is off to a good start.

Happy reading!