How to Write a 1000 Words Essay

When they receive the task to write a 1000-word essay, many students consider that they received one of the easiest tasks ever. They consider that it is very facile to write a short essay and they won’t have to spend too much time on research. Unfortunately, this is the trap in which many students fall. When you have to write a short essay, you will have to carefully organize your work so that you can write all the required details. This article will help you discover some useful tips for a catchy 1000-word essay.

How to Write a 1000 Words Essay

  • Write a catchy introduction

When you write a 1000-word essay, you will need to calculate the number of words very carefully. Any essay starts with a catchy introduction which hooks the reader’s attention from the first minute. However, even though you have many ideas and you are able to write an amazing text, you will need to pay attention to the number of words. Thus, the introduction shouldn’t exceed 200 words. Offer your readers some elements from the essay’s body, but don’t reveal too much information. They should be curious to go to the next phase and move on to the body.

  • 800-word body

The body of a 1000-word essay shouldn’t be more than 800 words. This means that the maximum number of paragraphs you could write is three. Think of three points of discussion and treat each of them in a separate paragraph. Moreover, it is very important to keep a clear and logical line in your body. Thus, consider splitting each paragraph into four parts. Therefore, you can start with the topic sentence which presents the main point of each paragraph. You continue with the argument, where you support your point of view. Even though you strongly believe each point of view, you should back everything up with clear evidence. For instance, you can use proven statistics, expert interviews, or graphics which validate your arguments. Finally, you can end the paragraph with a concluding statement. You can use this part to explain why you chose the respective argument.

  • Conclusion

Just like its name says, the conclusion should summarize all your points of view. It shouldn’t be more than 200 words and it should clearly support your statement. Practically, you restate the thesis mentioned in the introduction and give your audience a clear call to action. Your conclusion should explain how all the points you described in your body relate to each other and prove your point of view.

  • Re-read and proofread

Even though you are sure that you wrote a good essay, you shouldn’t submit it before you have carefully checked it. Thus, as soon as you have written the last words of your conclusion, you should re-read your text and track any spelling or grammar mistakes. Moreover, it may happen that once you read the text, you might have more ideas and you might change your arguments. On the other hand, if you want an essay which is 100% correct, you can collaborate with professional writers. For example, Write My Paper is a helpful writing service tool.

Finally, even though this is a short essay, you shouldn’t write it in a hurry. Take time to do your research and organize your ideas carefully. Follow the tips above and pay attention to the number of words. Once you are ready with the final text, you shouldn’t forget to read it again and proofread where it is needed.