Five Mistakes I Regret I’ve Done in College

There are times when memories of college life come to my mind, and while I keep on focusing on the best moments I had in college, it is hard to shun the regrettable things that I did. These things continue to follow me to this date, and some are quite heartbreaking. Some of these mistakes happened in the freshman year, while some occurred in the course of learning post-freshman.

Well, all humans make mistakes, and nobody gets away from making mistakes in this world. However, while some mistakes are easily reparable or inflict insignificant damage over the long term in life, some mistakes are like wounds that refuse to heal, and the thought of them makes you regret. Once in a while, these mistakes I did in college make me regret when I think about them.

Few Connections With Classmates, Professionals, and Professors

After completing college and graduating, the outside world welcomes you with open arms. This is usually the time when you have to look for a job in different industries depending on your major. It could be the tech industry, the banking industry, or the marketing industry. For you to land a job or an internship that may culminate in you landing a job, connections with some professionals and professors are essential.

While you do not need professionals or professors entirely when it comes to looking for these internships or looking for a job, these are people who could refer you or put in a good word for you out there. I made a mistake of not connecting well with the professionals and professors who were at school, and this, in some way, has weighed in on me when it comes to looking for a job.

So many professors and the opportunities to connect with them were limitless. This is a mistake that I made that lingers in my mind whenever I am on the subject of jobs and professions.

Downplaying Traveling

While in college, there are times that you find ample time in your hands which you can use to engage in other activities. Well, all work without play, as has been mentioned, makes you dull. Traveling allows you to see other places, meet other people, and enjoy the serenity and the uniqueness of different destinations.

I did not often travel in college despite the lots of free time I had in my hands on some occasions. After college, there is so much time you can have, and indeed, there will be other issues in your plate to handle than traveling. The mistake of not visiting and seeing different places while in college is something that I regret about college life.

Not Hitting the Gym

Hitting the gym helps to keep your body in shape. Gym and exercise also help you to maintain and build your body, and this is especially rewarding and important at a peak age – like when you are in college. When you do exercise regularly at your peak age, you stave off some diseases or conditions, and you also get to maintain your body over time.

I was not a fan of the gym. Neither did I take exercise. It has come to it me that college was the time where I would have invested sometime in the gym and my body, and I wouldn’t regret a thing from the outcome. However, since time has passed, the aspect of gym and exercise only hit me as something that missed out on and part of mistakes that I did in those years.


Not Playing an Active Role in My Club

Clubs and societies are opportunities to engage in different beneficial activities, network with other people, and explore the purpose of the club entirely. Most students in college get to join a club or two, and this is always a good step in the right direction.

However, joining a club or signing up and renewing membership is not enough. There is the membership part and the participation part. Active participation is more rewarding since you get to meet people from different places, and work on areas that are new to you.  Did not actively play a role in my local club, and this did not work to any advantage on my part. I did not make sufficient networks in the club, nor engage in projects to the maximum.

Taking Few Pictures

After finishing college, having memories that you were actually in college become important. All of a sudden, they matter to you so much than when you were studying. One mistake that I made in my college years was taking too few pictures. Mostly, I have fewer memories in pictorial form, which makes me yearn for those moments in college and take a lot of pictures.

To sum this up, these mistakes continue to linger in my mind whenever I think of college. Unfortunately, these mistakes made in college are somewhat irreparable, since there is no way to go back in the past and make amends.