Five Best Free Language Learning Sites

Learning a new language requires you to have a set of resources that you will refer from in the course of your learning. While other mechanisms exist for learning a new language like paying for classes and other commercial programs, some websites can allow you to learn new languages at no cost. Whether it is German, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, Hebrew, or even Greek; these websites have the resources that can help you to get started when it comes to learning new languages.


Duolingo remains one of the top websites where you can learn a new language for free. The best thing about Duolingo is that it has an Android component, which can allow you to track and continue with your learning activity on your smartphone. With support for an extensive set of languages, Duolingo has a ton of resources when it comes to languages. Some of the languages supported by Duolingo include Russian, Indonesian, Welsh, and Ukrainian.

Duolingo’s support for more than 50 languages makes it a leading website when it comes to learning new languages for free. Further, Duolingo avails verbal responses and trains pronunciations in its lessons, and it has sections that allow for practice, like translating a real website depending on the language that you are learning.


Memrise is unique when it comes to learning new languages since the content on the site is entirely user-generated. The upside of user-generated courses is that there is a wide variety of courses on individual languages, which makes the learning process easy since you can pick a course that you can easily understand.

With support for at least 20 languages, Memrise’s learning features are for the most part free, except for some features which require premium membership. Nonetheless, the free features of the site are sufficient when it comes to learning a new language.

The key advantage of Memrise in learning a new language is that the site has techniques that allow you to remember the concepts that you come across in your learning.


Preferred for its richness in vocabulary, Busuu allows for learning a new language for free and also has some premium plans. Busuu recognizes that not all individuals are entirely beginners since there are those who are out to polish on concepts they learned earlier and there are those who want to remind themselves some concepts. On this account, Busuu features beginner, elementary, as well as intermediate sections. This is an advantageous feature since it does not impose any level of learning to every person who visits the site.

If you are on the intermediate level, then you can be sure to pick up from that level in learning that particular language. The site has its mechanism for determining the level that you are in with regards to learning a new language. There are initial placement tests that help to assess the best starting level. This way, you get to embark on learning at a level that best suits you.


If you are out to learn a new language, then it is imperative that you start learning the basics. The basics will help you to learn with ease the concepts that you will come across in the course of your learning. Further, grasping basics cements your foundation in a particular language, and this makes the overall learning curve short and easy to maneuver. The website is not as comprehensive as other sites when it comes to supporting languages.

LearnALanguage supports over two dozen languages, and it is suitable when it comes to brushing up on some basic and common words, especially if you are in the beginner or introductory phase of learning. Pronunciation help, flash cards, greetings, and slang are also some key features of this website, and if you are looking to cement basics in a particular language, then LearnALanguage is an excellent place to start.


NativLang is a site that is unique when it comes to the domain of learning new languages. NativLang is unique in the sense that it supports languages that do not feature in other language learning site.  With support for languages like Sardinian, Ancient and Koine Greek – which are unique languages; and some mainstream languages like Italian, English, and Spanish, NativLang allows or learning new languages whose resources may be rare to come across.

To sum this up, there are many advantages to learning a new language. However, how you learn is also of importance, since resources are at times hard to come across, and even premium. Websites that give you the opportunity to learn a new language for free can be of immense help when it comes to learning new languages.