Evolution of Work

In the physical part of work, a few years ago, employees were taken out of offices and put in cubicles as a working environment. It went on to open workspaces and then followed by hoteling and then currently sharing hoteling cubes. All this is with the aim of keeping the real estate costs low in the market. The nature of the appearance of a workplace determines a lot how the employees will behave in that place of work. It is not a must for all the workers to be seated in the same room for the work to be accomplished. The invasions in technology have made it easy for many people to work from different destinations all over the world due to virtual conferencing. A good way to do work is to aim at the contribution of an employee to the organization rather than the workplace of that employee.

Employees’ interaction can profoundly impact the workers’ performance in a given company. In the new era of work, work has been divided into small proportions and then shared across departments of a given organization and done. In accomplishing this task, there is a need for the management to invest in making their workers more interactive. This is because more research has shown that interactive workers add value to the success of a given company.

Careers are mostly built out of talents. Highly skilled workers in most of the time are talented in what they are doing. To reduce poverty and improve living standards, the best companies in the world have to reach the citizens of developing countries, and pick on the most skilled then employ them. Through this, a company will gain a lot of revenue from this sharp and most skilled worker, and at the same time lives are uplifted and living standards improved in a given society.