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Small Business Stats and Facts in 2022

New Business Applications The U.S. Census Bureau publishes data on new business applications – that is, “business applications for tax IDs as indicated by applications for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) through filings of IRS Form SS-4” – dating back to July 2004. These numbers are not actual business formations, but instead, a measure of […]

Assessing Student Writing

Assessing Student Writing Assessment is the gathering of information about student learning. It can be used for formative purposes−−to adjust instruction−−or summative purposes: to render a judgment about the quality of student work. It is a key instructional activity, and teachers engage in it every day in a variety of informal and formal ways. Assessment […]

Personal technology

How reliability, security and privacy will be handled with these devices are questions that need solving fast, Piwek says. Personal health electronics are quickly becoming staples of our environment. He thinks there will come a day when these devices are integrated into everyone’s health care. TekFun Library Webinar Watch Preview Webinar Watch Preview Webinar Watch […]