Google Plus and a Little Reflection

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Back From Vacation

As you may or may not have noticed, I didn’t post last week. I was on a family vacation and unconnected for a while. Well sort of, my iphone still worked and I couldn’t totally resist scrolling through my Google Plus stream and Facebook timeline. It fascinates me how quickly I became accustomed to social media in my everyday life. It feels very recent that I was resisting getting a cell phone. I couldn’t understand why I had to be reachable all the time. Now, I go everywhere with my phone, even out in the woods. And I’m checking on what others are doing constantly. I’m not sure if this is a bad or good thing; it’s just the reality of my life today. And that fact led me to an opportunity that I will talk about more below.

I didn’t complete any writing for the week and I let my mind wander wherever it wanted without any feeling of guilt whatsoever. I do my best thinking next to a body of water. The rhythmic sound of waves just allows me to relax. I believe this fact curates my love of fishing. Most of my thoughts drifted toward my career and where my life is going now that I’m solidly in my forties. Maybe, this is the mid-life crisis event I’ve heard so many allude to? School will be starting again soon and it will be back to teaching full-time. Writing for these past couple months has been exhilarating and problematic. I’m having difficulty defining my direction under the title of “writer”. I feel like I’m dabbling here and there with some good outcomes, but also feeling pulled in many different directions. So many writers I speak with know what type of writing they do and spell it out so well. I’m not there yet, and maybe it is just part of the process in becoming a professional writer. The wonderful thing is I get to decide and I have time to do so. In the last few weeks I’ve produced some magazine articles I’m very proud of and started my first fiction book. Yes, I’m writing a book (just like everyone else) and will discuss more about that soon. I’m actively seeking online gigs, so if your website needs content or you could use some help with blog posts give me a shout. Being online and social has led me to my latest endeavor. My good friends Anne Wayman and Lori Widmer of About Writing Squared approached me about hosting a webinar on Google Plus. They noticed how active I am and thought I would make a good host. I was very flattered and decided to go for it. Google Plus has an excellent platform and it is owned by the number one search engine in the world, so you would be crazy to ignore it.

Beautiful Diamond Lake Oregon

Google Plus Webinar for Writers and Creatives

As I mentioned before, I’ve embraced social media and one of the platforms I’m huge fan of is Google Plus. I tell people it’s like Twitter on steroids. Google Plus blends many of the solid aspects of Facebook, but retains a more businesslike atmosphere. Google Plus boasts 150 million active users and provides an ideal platform for writers and other artists to showcase their work. One of the biggest advantages of Google Plus is its integration with other Google tools. As an added bonus, your hangouts can be directly loaded to YouTube, the number two-search engine in the world. The event takes place on Tuesday August 28th, 2012 at 2:00 PM Pacific time. I would love to see more writers and other creatives utilize this platform. So click on the image above and sign-up. I hope to see you there.

Are you embracing social media? Where are you most active? Anyone else feeling reflective about his or her career? Leave a comment below.

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  1. What a great idea for a webinar! I wish I could participate in real time, but I have an interview already scheduled during that time. I’m hoping to catch the recorded or archived version at a later date. Lord knows I need to figure out how to better use Google+!
    Paula H recently posted..Pick A Peck of PeppersMy Profile

  2. The thing I miss the most from living in San Diego is the ocean. Well, duh. :-) But, I’m with you, Wade, there is something so inspiring about a body of water. My last home in San Diego had a 180-degree view of the ocean. Great way to start your day.

    I am looking forward to the Webinar to get me off the fence about Google+ I want to be more active, but simply have not taken the time to develop any kind of strategy. See you -or maybe I should say hear you :-) there.
    Cathy Miller recently posted..Friday Lite Posts Bow OutMy Profile

  3. Today I wish I again lived on a boat.
    Anne Wayman recently posted..Hit Lists Help This Freelance Writer Keep Track Of To-Do StuffMy Profile

  4. I cannot wait for this one, Wade. I’ve been dying to know more about Google+, and honestly I’ve no idea how to use it.

    • I believe it is evolving and there is debate on how to use it, Lori. As writers I believe it lends itself to showcasing your writing. I have an underlying feeling that Google is allocating search preference even if they don’t come right out and say it.

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