Content Marketing Strategy You Know

Newsletter I wrote

One of the best content marketing strategies is an oldie but a goodie. If done correctly, it will result in client loyalty and increase sales. However, you need to take care when developing your content, and avoid some costly pitfalls. This strategy provides a vehicle to communicate with your best clients, while sharing your vision, your expertise, and your style. Follow these suggestions and clients will be eager to read your newsletter.

Bring the Best

Too often businesses will overload their newsletter. They allow their excitement for their own business to spill over to multiple pages. And in the process, produce content that is superficial. In this day and age, most newsletters are sent via email, therefore your clients will tend to read them quickly and move on. Chances are they wouldn’t read past a second page regardless of the content, so be selective on your topics and deliver quality. Pick one or two subjects and develop them, so your client feels enriched. Give your client something they can use to improve their lives. The best newsletters leave a person with a sense of learning. This is your chance to give back to your client. Teach them a skill or inform them of a new product, but give your client something tangible to use.

 Fight the Urge

There is a tendency for newsletters to turn into sales letters. Don’t do it. Yes, a newsletter can produce sales, but if the content is all about selling your client will run quicker than a cat at a dog convention. Remember, your client filled in the subscribe box to be informed, not sold to. Also, they have already bought something, you! Clients want to read expertise. They want to know what you have to say about the subject you’re an expert in. This is a way for you to connect with your client and become a trusted person they can count on. If you continually ask them to open their wallets that trust will be broken. Trust is a commodity that is worth way more than a couple of sales. Your newsletter will keep you fresh in their mind, and when they are ready to buy they will remember your company.

 Cut the Bling

You want your newsletter to look good, not gaudy. Technology makes it easy to overdress your newsletter. Think in terms of a newspaper. You want your client to be able to find information easily and quickly. There are numerous templates that can build a clean, sharp, easy to read newsletter. I recommend looking at software you already own. Most word processing programs contain newsletter templates. If you are delivering your newsletter in a HTML format, be selective in what widgets you choose. Again, if your fancy format makes it difficult to read, or slow to load, your client will leave. Deliver a product to their inbox that induces reading.

Hire a Pro

Of course many businesses allow professional writers to complete their newsletters. This is an efficient and cost effective practice. A well-seasoned writer will capture your voice and write the content you suggest. A newsletter is an effective marketing tool that a professional writer will help you make superb. In the near future I will discuss how to cultivate your email list, which is extremely important in your content marketing plan. Please leave your comments and questions regarding newsletters and I will reply.