How to Write Better Profiles

Payless Celebrity Golf Tournament

Getting to Know You

Does your company website have profiles of you and your staff? Stale and generic profiles are rampant throughout the Internet. Most of the time they focus on how long you have worked for the company or awards you have won. This doesn’t resonate with your customers. What do your patrons find on your home page? Do they get to know the face behind the company? Customers are more likely to trust and purchase from people they know. Having well-written profiles places you in that category. A polished profile on your site allows customers to feel like they have developed a relationship with you and your company.

People are Interesting

We like to learn about people. We are social creatures and are more likely to trust people we know. We search to find others that have common interests or similar tastes. If we believe someone is like us we tend to trust him or her. And we want to know what they do with their time. The example to the left is a profile I wrote for a golf tournament program and illustrates these points. Knowing the person behind the characters he plays provides us a sense of knowing Mickey beyond the superficial.

  • A profile should introduce you to a wide audience.
  • A profile should capture your personality.
  • A profile should treat you as a whole person not just what you do for a living.
  • A profile needs more than just a list of accomplishments or milestones.
  • A profile needs to reveal something unique about you.

Here’s Your Help

Now you need someone to write your profile. When I write a profile I look for unique attributes and personal philosophies that make a person stand out. When I interview someone for a profile piece I come at it as a conversation. I don’t concern myself with staying on a specific track. I just listen to what that person has to say about their life and journey. Having a well-written profile on your site is imperative and I can provide that for you.