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No one uses the Yellow Pages anymore. Think about this for a minute; if you need information on a product, service, or problem where do you turn? You said Google didn’t you? Don’t feel bad everyone is doing it. According to Google, 97% of customers search for local businesses online. Great news, your business has a website. You paid hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, and built a great looking site with key word optimization.

However, there is one more little hurdle you must leap in order to find success. Your business needs a page one search result. Do you have it? Ask a customer to do a search, or type in what you believe your customers are looking for. Where was your business? Do you even see it? Google’s new algorithm, Panda, rewards quality content that is updated on a regular basis and that has pages primarily intended for the user. Essentially, Google is rewarding high quality blogs. By adding a blog to your website you can dramatically increase your search results. This fact alone may be enough to convince you that a blog is necessary, but there are other significant reasons why a blog is key component to your business’s online presence.

It is ironic to believe that the Internet gives a business a human connection, but that is exactly what a blog does. By providing quality content you are solving a customer’s problem and building a loyal following for years to come. Like a good friend, they will rely on your blog for the information they need.

Source: Hubspot 2011 State of Inbound Marketing Report

Businesses needing a blog are a no brainer. It gives you a platform to say what you want to say, showcases your expertise, humanizes you to your target market not to mention helps you connect with them. All those regular updates also gets you on friendly terms with Google,” states Samar Owais of The Writing Base.

A well-written blog provides you a platform and gives you total control of your message. A message that is delivered consistently and on target makes you the go to authority for your industry. Having credibility goes a long way in building a business. Soon, your blog will represent the best your business has to offer, while putting a face to your brand.

 “Your business blog is the one platform where you have total control of your message. By directing your social media marketing to your business blog, you expand beyond the limits of a single platform to everything your site has to offer. It’s like a personal invitation to customers to visit your store where you have plenty of what they are looking for,” says Cathy Miller of Simply Stated Business.

 Here’s Your Help

So you are convinced you need a blog, but you don’t have the time, confidence, or desire to write on continuous basis. Luckily, you can hire someone like myself to fix your predicament. Ghostwriting blogs is a service that many professional writers, including myself, provide for our clients. A professional writer can provide you quality content on a timely basis at a reasonable price. Together we are a team taking your online visibility to new heights. Your business needs a blog, so let’s get started.